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Licensing your EchoSystem installation involves the following phases:

  1. Purchasing the appropriate types of licenses for your configuration. 
  2. Downloading the licenses to your EchoSystem Server (ESS). Even if you have an existing licensed ESS system, you may need to update your license configuration to accommodate any system upgrades, such as to a new ESS version with associated updated components.
  3. Assigning licenses to /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217276 or /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217291 as necessary. If your capture licenses are all Site licenses, you do not need to configure these further. If you purchased Personal Capture licenses, you should plan to review and, if necessary, adjust those individual license assignments.

License Types

Some of the licenses you can purchase are service-type licenses, meaning they apply to a single server or service. Those licenses are listed below.

Once these licenses are purchased and downloaded to the ESS, no more configuration is required.

The other licenses required for your system are capture-type licenses and apply to the devices used to capture classroom activity. These licenses can be either "Site" or "Room" licenses. Site licenses apply to all installations of the licensed capture device and require no further configuration. Room licenses are purchased in bundles and must be assigned to each room where the capture device is located.

Capture licenses include the following:

The remaining type of license available is a Personal Capture license. These are used to license individuals to use /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217403 to prepare and publish presentations for their courses using their personal PC or laptop. These are available only as license bundles that are then assigned to individual staff members.

Download and Update Licenses

After you purchase new licenses or update your existing licenses, your account information is updated on the Echo360 license control server (LCS). Your account license information is recognized using the Customer Identifier you receive from Echo360.

Licensing EchoSystem is required to begin capturing lectures. Before downloading and updating your license information, you must: 

To download and update your licenses: 

  1. Log in to the ESS using the default Administrator account: 
  2. Navigate to System > Licensing.
  3. Click Update. If licensing is successful, a message will appear above the license list indicating that the licensing information was updated successfully.  

Interpreting the Licensing Interface

The Licensing page lists all of your available licenses, both server-type and capture-type licenses as well as any Personal Capture (formerly called EchoCapture Personal or PCAP) licenses you may have purchased.  The Limitations field on the Licensing page identifies the Device Type of the license, and whether the license is a Site License or a Room License. Room Licenses are indicated in the Limitations list by identifying a Target of "ROOM" and showing a Quantity of total licenses in the license bundle. All Personal Capture licenses have a Target of "PRESENTER".

Because the license names are not always intuitive, the following figure shows a sample License page and includes highlighting to help you identify which licenses apply to what features. 

The following table lists the terms in each of the license names that identifies the kind of license it is.


If This Term Appears in the License Name...It is a license for this device or service
Product(s): 2 channel PRO/wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217374
EMI and External Medial Ingest/wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217386 or EMI
Download PresentationProvides an EchoPlayer checkbox in the EchoCenter section of the /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217258 and /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217442 pages. Allows users to download the full EchoPlayer for an echo.
Capture Appliance/wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217377
Software Capture/wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217393

Understanding the identifier in the License Name is important, because when you assign room licenses, you are presented with a drop-down list containing only the license name. You will need to know which license to select for assignment to each room. 

The below figure shows a sample drop-down list from the /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217276, with highlights of the License Name text that identifies the license type, as defined above. The same drop-down list appears when you /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217279 or /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217279 to a room.

Screenshot of Moodle page for individual link publishing.

The interface for /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217285 from the Users list also uses a drop-down list to select a Personal Capture licenses, but only Personal Capture license bundles appear in that list, so there is no confusion as to which license type to select.