CAS and Shibboleth Authentication


EchoSystem provides support for external single sign on (SSO) through either Jasig's CAS or Shibboleth federated authentication systems. These systems allow your users to sign in once, then provide seamless, secure access to the other integrated products in your enterprise.

The configuration and setup of these external authentication systems within EchoSystem requires coordination with Echo360 professional services personnel to implement. 

If you are interested in implementing SSO for your institution, please contact Echo360 professional services via email at

SSO for Classroom Capture or Personal Capture

CAS and Shibboleth are not compatible with Classroom Capture or Personal Capture. This means that the credentials you use for CAS and Shibboleth will not automatically work with Classroom Capture or Personal Capture.

It is possible to ensure single sign on for users if you use LDAP as the security method for your ESS: Have the ESS LDAP application module be the same LDAP module that your CAS/Shibboleth uses.

A user will be able to log in to different components (Classroom Capture, Personal Capture, EchoCenter, ESS) with the same credentials although the technologies behind their authentications are different.

  • When a user logs in to Classroom Capture or Personal Capture, s/he is authenticated via LDAP.
  • When a user logs in to other components of the EchoSystem (the EchoCenter, for example), s/he is authenticated via CAS or Shibboleth.