Create a Recording in Personal Capture for Mac

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Before creating a recording, make sure you have /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217396 EchoSystem Personal Capture and configured the /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217426

Now you can prepare and distribute a Personal Capture recording in three to six phases. The first four are these:

  1. Prepare to record
  2. Start a recording
  3. OptionalPause and resume a recording
  4. Stop a recording

At this point, you have captured a learning moment, but you may want to /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217398 the capture. You will certainly want to /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217399 to the EchoSystem Server (ESS). Once it is published, the media will be processed and prepared for student viewing.

Best Practice - Use the Keyboard Shortcuts

During the capture, we recommend that you use the keyboard shortcuts for pause, resume, and stop. Using shortcuts to pause/resume the capture allows you to hide your on-screen actions (that you will, most likely, want to cut out in the editor). The shortcuts are provided below.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Pause the recording

Command + 6

Resume the recording

Command + 6

Stop the recording

Command + 8

Prepare to Record

Best Practice: Clean Up Your Desktop

Before beginning a recording, we recommend that you close (or at least minimize) all applications and windows except for Personal Capture and any applications you will use during the recording. The recording will be less cluttered and more professional looking.

  1. Before starting Personal Capture, attach all the devices (microphones and cameras) you are planning to use.
  2. Start Personal Capture.
  3. You may be prompted with an update for Personal Capture. We recommend applying updates.
  4. The next page will be either the Welcome Screen or My Recordings page. This depends on your settings. See /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217425.
  5. Open the application (such as a PowerPoint presentation) that you want to be captured.
  6. Click Start Capture.
  7. Enter a title for the recording.
    Screenshot of Title field.

    Best Practice: Enter a Title

    We recommend entering a descriptive title that will help you remember the content when you see it in the My Recordings list. You can change the title when you publish the recording.

  8. On the preview or "pre-capture" screen, verify that all of the attached devices (microphones, cameras) appear, and use the checkmarks to select the devices you will use.

    select the recording devices

Audio is Selected by Default

Although the audio device check box is grayed, it is selected by default. Your voice will be recorded.

Start the Recording

With everything set, we'll now start capturing your learning moment.

  1. Click Start Capture to begin the actual capture of the selected devices.
  2. The Recording screen minimizes and a countdown timer appears.

    If You Are Using High Definition Cameras

    If you are using two high definition cameras, the recording may abort at this point. This means that your computer may not have enough power to process the flood of data from both cameras. You have these alternatives:

    • Reduce the resolution on one or both cameras and restart your capture
    • Use just one high definition camera, not two, and restart your capture
  3. When the countdown timer completes and disappears, a Personal Capture icon (and a timer) appears in the menu bar. Clicking on this icon gives you access to the stop recording and pause/resume commands.
    personal capture icon and timer in menu bar
  4. Begin the presentation.
  5. During the recording you can pause and resume the capture using the keyboard shortcuts or the commands accessed from the Personal Capture icon.

Pause and Resume a Recording

The Pause Capture and Resume Capture buttons allow you to stop a capture at any time, turn your attention elsewhere, and then resume the capture. You might use these buttons when any of the following situations occurs:

  • A colleague or student comes into your office
  • You need to look up some information
  • Your recording environment becomes noisy or distracting

You can pause a capture for up to 15 minutes. After that, you are prompted to either continue or stop the capture.

Best Practice: Use the Keyboard Shortcuts

We strongly recommend that you use the keyboard shortcuts for pause, resume, and stop. If you do not use the shortcuts, your capture will include screen actions that you will have to cut out in the editor. Memorize the keyboard shortcuts.

Stop Recording

Certain actions will terminate your recording. These include shutting your laptop, logging out of your computer, and changing USB devices. If any of these events occur, your capture will be saved but not published.

When you are finished with your recording use the keyboard shortcuts (recommended) or the Personal Capture user interface to stop the capture.

To use the user interface commands, click on the Echo360 icon and select Stop Recording, as shown in the figure below.

Stop Recording in drop-down menu