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Echo360 Personal Capture is a stand-alone application that runs on Windows and Mac laptops and desktop computers. It is designed primarily for the Academic Staff user. With Echo360 Personal Capture, staff members can create captures external to the classroom that students can review both before and after class.

Our goal is to keep the application simple and clean. To create recordings, you select the inputs and record. The recordings can then be edited before publishing to the EchoSystem Server (ESS). Only recordings you select will be uploaded. Feel free to record several times to achieve your desired results.

Once published, the recording will be made available to students in all the formats ("products") selected during publishing.

If you are using CAS or Shibboleth for user authentication, please see CAS and Shibboleth Authentication for information regarding single-sign-on limitations and workarounds for Personal Capture.

Administrators should refer to Administer Personal Capture for information about troubleshooting Personal Capture and the infrastructure considerations associated with using it.

Users should refer to Working With Cameras and Personal Capture for tips and information on getting the best output from web cameras and Personal Capture.

Personal Capture software is split out into two completely separate versions, one for Windows and one for Macintosh. Depending on the version you are installing or using, refer to the appropriate guide linked below:

The main page of each guide provides minimum hardware and software specifications as well as a list of supported web cameras for use with each product.

One last thing: be sure you assign personal capture licenses to any user who plans to record and publish captures using Personal Capture.