License Presenters for Personal Capture

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In order to use /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217403 (formerly called Personal Capture or EchoCapture Personal) to record and publish presentations, Academic Staff members must have a Personal Capture license assigned to them. There are multiple methods for assigning (and revoking) Personal Capture licenses, as outlined below.

Personal Capture licenses are available as site licenses, or by purchasing a license pack. Site licenses apply across all Academic Staff and no further configuration is required. If you purchase a license pack, you must: 

  • /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217289.
  • Assign the licenses to the Academic Staff who are using Personal Capture. 
  • If necessary, revoke licenses from Academic Staff who no longer need to be licensed for Personal Capture.

The ESS licensing interface keeps track of and displays the total number of licenses in the license pack along with the number of licenses still available for assignment.

Licensed Personal Capture users are referred to as "Presenters". These users may or may not be assigned a Presenter role in other parts of the interface (such as for the Section or the Schedule), but all licensed Personal Capture Presenters must have the Academic Staff role assigned to their user account. Keep in mind, however, that in order to publish Personal Capture recordings, Presenters must be associated with a Section or Schedule. See also /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217265.

For more information about user roles, see /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217302. For detailed information about license options, contact Echo360 Technical Support

Who Can Do This?

  • System Administrator
  • User with both Admin & License Manager roles

If a user has only the License Manager role assigned, they can view Personal Capture license assignments but cannot assign or revoke licenses.

Users must possess both Admin & License Manager roles to assign and revoke Personal Capture licenses. Furthermore, the user can only assign licenses to staff belonging to the same organization for which their roles apply. If the Admin & License Manager roles are assigned at the root organization, the user can assign/revoke licenses for staff belonging to both the root and sub-organizations. For information on assigning organizations and roles for a user, as well as the privileges associated with each role, see /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217302.

Methods for Personal Capture Licensing

There are four methods for assigning Personal Capture licenses to Academic Staff, two through the Licenses page and two through the Users page. Brief instructions for each are provided below with links to more detailed instructions if needed.

License Presenters via the Licensing Page

The Licensing page lets you assign and revoke Personal Capture license for individual users, or use a CSV file import to bulk assign/revoke Personal Capture licenses. 

Assign or Revoke Licenses for Individual Users

  1. Navigate to System > Licensing.
  2. Click Presenter Assignments.
  3. To assign a license, in the Assign Licenses section of the page:
    1. Use the Presenter drop-down list to search for and select an Academic Staff user.
    2. Click Assign next to the Personal Capture license bundle you want to assign to the user.
  4. To revoke a license, in the Revoke Licenses section of the page;
    1. Find the Presenter whose license you want to revoke. If necessary, use the drop-down lists to narrow the list of currently licensed presenters.
    2. Click Revoke next to the user to revoke their license.

For more detailed instructions, see /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217280.

Assign or Revoke Licenses for Multiple Users via CSV Import

  1. Prepare and save a CSV file for import using the format described below.
  2. Navigate to System > Licensing.
  3. Click Presenter Assignments.
  4. Click Import.
  5. Click Choose File to select the CSV file for import. 
  6. Click Import.

See /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217282 for more detailed instructions.

The CSV file must include the fields shown in the below example table. Formatting and data information for each field appears below the table.

UsernameActionLicense ID
user1@example.comassignID 2013-07-05-012345
user2@example.comassignID 2013-07-05-012345
User Name 1revokeID 2013-07-05-012346
User Name 2revokeall 

Username can be either the presenter's email address or the User Name string identifier that appears in the User Account section of the /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217302. We recommend using an email address as it tends to vary less and is less prone to entry error.

Action can include the following:

  • assign - Assigns the specified license ID to the user. The License ID field must be populated with a valid Personal Capture license ID.

  • autoassign - Assigns the first available Personal Capture license to the user. License ID field should be blank, but will be ignored if populated. The system will show an error if/when all Personal Capture licenses are currently assigned or if the username is invalid.

  • revoke - Removes the specified license ID from the user. The License ID field must be populated with Personal Capture license ID being revoked.

  • revokeall - Removes all associated Personal Capture licenses from the user. License ID field should be blank, but will be ignored if populated.

License ID must use the following format: ID yyyy-mm-dd-xxxxxx. The License ID is visible on the Licensing page of the ESS, listed as the PCAP Product License.

If you already have licensed Personal Capture users in the system, we recommend you generate an Export from the Presenter Assignments page in order to have a template of a properly formatted file.

License Presenters via the Users Page

The Users page lets you access user profiles and edit them to license each Academic Staff member, or to select multiple users at once and assign or revoke Personal Capture licenses.

Assign or Revoke Licenses on Individual User Profiles

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Users.
  2. In the Staff tab, find the user you want to license and click edit.
  3. In the Personal Capture Licenses section of the page, check or uncheck listed Personal Capture licenses to assign or revoke licensing respectively.
  4. When finished, click Save.

See /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217284 for more details.

If you do not see a Personal Capture Licenses section on the /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217302, be sure the user is assigned the Academic Staff role. Only Academic Staff can be assigned Personal Capture licenses. 

Assign Licenses for Multiple Users via Users Page

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Users.
  2. In the Staff tab, click the checkbox for the Academic Staff users you want to license.
  3. Select Assign Personal Capture Presenter License from the Actions drop-down list at the bottom of the page.
  4. An Assign License dialog box appears. From the License drop-down list, select a license then click Continue.

When the Users page refreshes, the selected users now show assigned Personal Capture licenses in the Assigned Licenses column.

Revoke Licenses for Multiple Users via Users Page

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Users.
  2. In the Staff tab, click the checkbox for the Academic Staff users whose licenses you want to revoke.
  3. Select Revoke All Personal Capture Presenter Licenses from the Actions drop-down list at the bottom of the page.

When the Users page refreshes, the Assigned Licenses column should be blank for the selected users, indicating all Personal Capture licenses were revoked.

See /wiki/spaces/54/pages/590217285 for more details.