Administration Guide

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This document guides EchoSystem administrative staff in using the EchoSystem to automate lecture and instructional capture.

Who Should Read This Document?

This document is intended for the personnel responsible for administering the EchoSystem on a day-to-day basis. It may also be useful for other systems administration personnel associated with management of the related system components. Academic Staff should read the Academic Staff Guide.

EchoSystem Administrators
Personnel responsible for every day functioning of the EchoSystem and lecture capture.

Need to consider

The EchoSystem quickly becomes a critical system in the institutional technology landscape. As deployments grow more classrooms are captured and more students review instructional materials. It is important to be competent with EchoSystem operations such as:

  • EchoSystem configuration
  • Capture device and Media Processor management
  • Workflow configuration
  • Capture schedules
  • System monitoring

System Administrators
Personnel responsible for other institutional systems with which EchoSystem will integrate. Blackboard or other CMS/LMS/VLE systems are examples of these types of systems. Authentication and scheduling systems are another example.

Need to consider

  • EchoSystem integration
  • EchoSystem APIs