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Terms define a date range associated with an academic term, semester, trimester, etc. In any given term there may be multiple offerings of the same course, so the EchoSystem assigns sections to a term. For example, an Introduction to Economics (ECON101) course has three offerings during the Fall term. Each of these offerings is defined as a section (001, 002 and 003).

Term dates are primarily used when scheduling recurring captures for a section. Although academic term dates are likely to be specifically defined, you can capture lectures outside the defined date range.

What Are Exclusion Dates?

Most academic terms include dates when classes do not meet or exam days when no lecture is presented. We recommend that you specify these days as exclusion dates.

The dates entered as Excluded Dates for the term are passed through to any schedules created for the term. Schedulers can edit the inherited exclusion dates on the schedule if necessary. Scheduled captures will not occur on exclusion dates.

exclusions when creating the section

Add a Term

  1. Navigate to Schedule > Terms. The Terms page appears.
  2. Click Add. The Add New Term page appears, as shown in the figure below.
    screenshot of Add New Term page for steps as described.
  3. Complete the page.

    NameEnter the term name.
    EchoSystem Identifier
    Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt-include}
    Alternate Identifier
    Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt-include}
    OrganizationSelect the parent organization or child organization from the list.
    Start DateEnter or select the first day of the term.
    End DateEnter or select the last day of the term.
    Exclusion DatesSee What Are Exclusion Dates? for details.

    Enter or select the first exclusion date range then click Add>>.

    Enter additional exclusion date ranges.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Verify that the term appears on the term list page:

    new term on term list page

  6. After you add a term, you may want to add courses. See Manage Courses.

Edit at Any Time

You can edit a term at any time by hovering your mouse over the term on the Terms page and clicking the edit button.

Delete a Term

When you delete a term, the following objects are also deleted:

  • All sections associated with the term
  • All schedules associated with the term
  • All Echoes associated with the sections

The following objects are not deleted, as they are related to objects outside of the term and/or may be reused:

  • Courses associated with the term
  • Users associated with the term
  • Security modules associated with the term

For technical details on what happens when you delete a Term, see Deleting Objects from the System.

Deleting Sections is Permanent.

Once you confirm to delete the term, the term and its associated items are permanently deleted from the system. You cannot recover deleted terms, sections, schedules, or Echoes.


  1. Navigate to Schedule > Terms. The Terms page appears.
  2. Click the term you want to delete.

    click the term

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete
  4. Check the box to confirm that you want to delete the term and associated objects.

    check the box to confirm deletion as described

  5. Click Yes, Delete.
  6. Notice the following:
    • A message at the top of the page confirms that the item has been deleted.
    • The term and associated are also removed.

For technical details on what happens when you delete a Term and how to confirm complete deletion, see Deleting Objects from the System.