Import Courses

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Importing courses into the EchoSystem Server (ESS) requires that you create a CSV or "comma-separated-value" file. The file can have any name you want, as long as it contains a .csv extension. The file format must be as follows: 

  • There is one course record per line of the file
  • The first line of the file should have the column names, as shown in the example below
  • Each record value is contained in its own column (if the CSV file is generated by a spreadsheet program, such as Excel) or is separated by a comma in the flat (text) file.

You may want to generate an export of existing courses (Schedule > Courses > Export Courses) to provide a formatted CSV file to use as a base.

You can also update course information in the exported file, then reimport the file to apply the changes to the system. 

The column headers and field values are as follows; use UTF-8 ascii characters only:

Field NameDescription
Course NameThe name of the course, such as Introduction to Economics.
IdentifierAn abbreviated identifier for the course, such as ECON101 or ENG330. This also appears in the ESS and the EchoCenter.
OrganizationSee Special Field Descriptions below.

Special Field Descriptions

Organization names are comprised of two components:

  • Organization name
  • Suborganization name (if applicable)

They are separated by a sequence of "<space><forward slash><space>" like this: " / "

A valid organization would look like these examples:

  • Organization / suborganization
  • University
  • University / math-department
  • University / nursing-school

CSV Example

Following is an example of the format for this file:

screenshot of example course import CSV file in Excel