Activate a Draft Schedule

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Saving a draft lets you keep a schedule without activating it. Say, for example, that you know the dates and times for the course but not the room. You can enter the parameters you know, save the schedule as a draft, then enter just the room later.

The draft schedule (on both the listing page and detail page) shows the status of each required field. In the screenshot shown in the figure below, you see that the room parameter has not been completed.

screenshot of draft schedule list as described.

Activate a Schedule

You can activate a draft schedule any time if all required schedule data has been entered. If all data has been entered, you see a series of green check marks next to the schedule title.

  1. Navigate to Schedule > Schedules.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the Draft tab.
  3. Click the schedule you want to activate. The Schedule Details page appears.
  4. Review the settings. Make sure you have entered all required data.
  5. Click Activate.

    Best Practice: Confirm the Assigned Product Group

    If the product group assigned to a schedule specifies that a particular capture device be used, and the device is not installed in the specified room, you will see a warning message. Before activating the schedule, we recommend that you confirm that the device in the room can support the assigned product group. See Manage Product Groups.